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Our Story

In 1967, Giueseppe, “Joe”, Aiello set sail to America from Palermo, Sicily to catch a fleeting dream. With only 13 dollars in his pocket, Giueseppe left his family, confident that the land of opportunity would provide more than just an income but the life he had dreamed of.

After years of kneading dough and simmering sauce for an employer, Giuseppe decided to fulfill his dream and open his own pizza shop.

Joe tossing dough

April 5th, 1978 marks the opening of Aiello’s Pizza on Murray Avenue. From the first day the door opened to the public, Giuseppe provided the freshest ingredients, making his pizza of the highest quality.

Hours before opening each morning, Giuseppe was hard at work preparing fresh dough – which is the essential element of the Aiello taste. The thick, red homemade sauce is topped off with grated cheese, deliciously melted onto the pizza in a traditional Italian fashion.  The fusion of these ingredients come together to make this one of a kind taste.

Joe adding sauce to pizza dough

Giuseppe’s dedication to the success of Aiello’s Pizza is a result of hard work, long hours, and an appreciation of his customers.

More than 44 years later, Aiello’s Pizza has become a neighborhood favorite. Now Giuseppe’s daughter, Cathy, and her husband, Travis carry on her late father’s dedication to the outstanding quality of their products.

As any family-owned business, there have been hardships to endure, but Aiello’s has survived and continues to thrive – ready to welcome the next generation of loyal customers.